BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – With the NHL Draft next Thursday, the big thing for the Sabres is finding a way to make the most of their three first round picks. They select 9th, 16th and 28th in next Thursday’s first round and there are certain guys that could be available at nine, but not available at number 16, so Kevyn Adams has to make sure that he doesn’t reach for a guy with that top pick and also not wait too long for that same guy to be available at number 16 and that’s something he talked about with the media.

“What you can’t do is in those three minutes, try to figure that out,” Adams said. “It has to be sorted out before. At nine, you’re going to look at your list and you’re going to say man we’ve got these three players, we really like all of them, but you can only call one name and you have to make that decision, but that goes back to if you’ve done the work before and you’re prepared for that, you move forward. Then balancing who could be there at 16, that’s where I really lean on these guys and ask a lot of questions.”

After the top three picks, the draft could go any direction. Head of Collegiate Scouting Jerry Forton believes they’ll get a high quality player no matter who’s available with that ninth pick.

“There’s a chance you’re getting just as good a player at nine as you’re getting at four or five,” Forton said. “I think it’s pretty deep right down to 20, 25, 30 on our list. I think it’s a really good draft.”

Then there’s the possibility of trading up or down in the first. Adams said they’re open to moving if the right offer comes along.

“When you’re going to finalize a deal like that, then it’s, how’s the draft order gone? Because we might be willing to do something or another team might be willing to do something, but it’s only if a certain player’s available so that’s part of it too, which none of us will know until next Thursday.”