Canisius distributes State Championship rings


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Nine months after winning the 2019 Catholic State Championship and four months after they were supposed to celebrate the victory at the Mayors office, the Canisius Crusaders finally received their State Championship rings on Monday night at the Stransky Complex, where they won their third State Championship back in November.

“We wanted to go down to City Hall and do the whole thing as it was scheduled in April, but that just didn’t happen,” Canisius head coach Rich Robbins said. “The company that made the rings was closed for a bit there, but we finally got them in town and were able to gather a little bit here and get these guys their State Championship rings finally.”

“This is definitely probably the brightest moment I’ve had since we actually won it, besides winning the Manhattan Cup, but this is definitely the brightest moment since the hiatus,” Canisius graduate Eric Kegler said. “We haven’t done much, I haven’t been able to be around my friends as much, but I’m happy I was able to be around them and finally get our rings. It’s been four months too late.”

“It’s really exciting to see all my guys back in one place again. Last time we were all together was the State Championship night, so it’s a blessing to be able to see them, especially with this coronavirus going on,” rising Canisius senior Joe Dixon said. “I was just happy to see everybody, see the smiles on their faces. We really did something big, and we deserved it.”

“This is great. This is the second best feeling at this field, of course winning state is the first time, but now actually getting the ring to celebrate and truly accomplish what we’ve done, it’s been just a huge journey and I’m really glad to finally celebrate it,” Canisius graduate CJ Ozolins said.

“It’s just been great to see everybody certainly, outside of Zooms I haven’t seen some of these guys in person in a few months, so to have everybody here and be able to spend some time and do it safely out here at the field, spread out with our masks on and everything, it’s really great to see everybody and celebrate such a special season,” Coach Robbins said.

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