ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) — With how many weapons Josh Allen has in the passing game, obviously not everyone is going to have a huge game since there’s only one ball to go around and so many mouths to feed on this Bills offense.

There’s no such thing as too much talent to have and it’s obviously a good problem to have. So with guys like Emmanuel Sanders and Dawson Knox emerging as reliable, big options in the passing game this year, players like Cole Beasley haven’t gotten as many looks but he certainly did in a 26-11 win over Miami and made the most of his opportunities.

“We have a lot of weapons so it makes it a lot easier to stay patient because you know you’ve got other guys that are capable and when they start doing some thing to kind of take you out of it it opens up things for other guys. And when you have a team with so many weapons eventually it always comes back around so knowing that it’s easier to stay patient,” Beasley said after the game.

Knox missed the game with a broken hand he suffered in week six against Tennessee and Beasley stepped up and led the team with 10 catches for 110 yards.

“He’s just a guy that kind of does his job, you know he hadn’t had a lot of opportunities in the last few weeks, teams were kind of keying on him, trying to force him inside with help. Finally he got some opportunities and he made some plays for us, huge plays that helped us move the ball, move the chains on third and long and allowed us to kind of get the ball in the end zone there,” Josh Allen said after the game.

Beasley’s play was especially important on a day where the offense wasn’t clicking and the one word Allen used to describe what Beasley brought to the offense was “consistency”.

“Any given week, guys understand that it could be their time, they gotta be ready to go and he was today,” Allen said.

“He made huge plays, I think the one third down in particular in the fourth quarter over the middle there, you know just getting open and line, good protection there and Josh made a great throw,” Sean McDermott said following the game.

Speaking of those third downs, Beasley converted three times on third and long with 14, 15 and 20 yard catches.

“It always feels good to make plays when your number is called. You definitely don’t want it to be the other way or else you feel the opposite so it’s definitely a good feeling but I have confidence in myself that when my number is called that I’m gonna come through,” Beasley said.

But Beasley couldn’t come up with a catch on the first time Allen looked for him in that situation and that fueled him to turn things around.

“There was one actually early the first, third down of the half where I didn’t come through for him and it was more of a mental thing than a physical thing, it bugged the hell out of me but a play like that you either respond the right way or the wrong way and I feel like I needed that play to kind happen. It got me in my zone after that.”

“He’s a good football player for a reason, good feel and Josh knows how to find him,” McDermott said.

Heather Prusak is a sports reporter who joined the News 4 team in 2020. See more of her work here.