INDIANAPOLIS (WIVB) – One thing that’s been instrumental in Josh Allen’s development over the past four years is having the same coaching staff surrounding him and even though Brian Daboll left, that continuity remains with Ken Dorsey promoted to offensive coordinator.

“Sean and I have known him for a long time so we had that comradery going in. We definitely interviewed some other guys and just got some different perspectives but in the end just being able to keep so many things the same for Josh. We’ve talked about it before, part of our plan when we got started was continuity for Josh from the coaching staff, the organization, the plays, the protections,” Bills general manager Brandon Beane said at the NFL Combine on Tuesday.

“Even though we’ve got a new o-line coach we don’t have to change all the protections, you know he’s coming in to kind of learn our system. The more we can keep the same for Josh, the easier it will be to simulate. Ken’s gonna have his own nuisances, everybody does to how they do things but a lot will be the same and we just felt in the end that was the most important.”

This will be the first time in Allen’s NFL career he’ll have someone other than Daboll as his offensive coordinator. But Allen made it clear after spending the past three seasons having Dorsey as his quarterbacks coach, that was the guy he wanted to take over if Daboll left.

“I think every quarterback would love to be a part of that process and I do know there’s a guy in this building that I’m a huge advocate for and again it’s not my job, it’s not my decision to make that,” Allen said during his end of the season zoom call in January.

Allen then went on to praise Dorsey when asked about what he’s brought to his career.

“I think when he got here three years ago I think my career definitely changed in terms of how I viewed the game of football, just having a guy in the quarterback room that played the game, is the winningest college quarterback of all time, 38-2 he’ll never let me forget that, he says it all the time,” Allen joked during his end of season zoom call.

“But just the way that he approaches the game, he’s competitive, he’s smart, you know he works his ass off and I appreciate what he’s done for me over the course of my career so far and again, wherever the chips fall that’s where they fall and we’ll learn to live with it and deal with it and move on.”

And during Sean McDermott’s season-ending zoom call and Beane’s end of season press conference, they both made it clear they would take Allen’s opinion and input into consideration when making the decision as to who would replace Daboll if it came to that.

“More than anything I wanted Josh to be comfortable. We’ve had success on the offensive side, we’ve had success overall and that’s where when you win people take from your staff and that’s hard but it’s a good thing at the end of the day in terms of people being able to move on to bigger and better opportunities for them,” McDermott said at the NFL Combine on Tuesday.

“But in this case with Ken, promoting from within and having Josh’s approval on that I think is big. You try and get a feel for the landscape of the NFL and where things like this take a turn for the worst and wanting to do it the right way was big for me and Brandon so Josh being involved in this decision I think gives him some ownership and also trying to get us to be, to continue to get him comfortable or keep him comfortable but also growing our system from where it’s been.”

Dorsey got his NFL coaching start with the Panthers when Ron Rivera promoted him to Carolina’s quarterbacks coach in 2013. He was first hired by the organization in 2011 as a pro scout. And during his time with the Panthers, he had a huge impact on the development of Cam Newton, which is something that isn’t forgotten to McDermott when mentioning the success Dorsey has had.

“When you look at Ken’s influence on Cam Newton and you look at then what Ken’s been able to do alongside Josh and alongside of Brian in helping Josh and then Josh’s putting his stamp on Ken when we talked about it, I think that alone says a lot or says enough so Ken is a good, young coach that works at it and is smart and I think those are two good qualities that give you a chance to be successful in this league,” McDermott explained.

When it comes to the relationship Dorsey has with Allen, it’s no surprise he wanted Dorsey to take over given how much time they spend together within the quarterback room and how much they spend working one-on-one with his development.

“The way we have done it primarily is the OC will be involved with Josh big picture wise but the day-to-day interaction in the room itself is primarily the quarterback coach and then the other quarterbacks in the room so the coordinator checks in and has his influence and role and connection with the quarterback, don’t get me wrong but a lot of the leg work is with the position coach itself and that’s true of most positions,” McDermott said.