BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – It was apparent the Sabres were going to deal Taylor Hall before the trade deadline but the surprise was he’s not going to Boston alone.

The Sabres traded Hall along with Curtis Lazar to the Bruins in exchange for got forward Anders Bjork and a second-round pick in this year’s draft, a deal that was made official Monday morning.

Even Lazar wasn’t expecting it.

“It completely caught me off guard. I got the phone call last night about 11 p.m. and you know when you see the GM’s name pop up a day before the deadline you kind of know what’s gonna happen,” Lazar said on his introductory zoom call with the Bruins.

“My first thought was where am I going? My wife and I actually just had our first kid a week ago so a lot of moving parts right there but couldn’t be happier with Boston, the opportunity. Obviously they see something in me that they like to include me in that deal and I’m ready to prove it and show it.”

Lazar had five goals and nine points in 33 games this season but after suffering a lower-body injury on March 31st hasn’t played since. Ironically, Lazar said he was going to join the Sabres on their road trip which just so happens to start in Boston on Tuesday. So right away, he’ll see his now former team.

“That fits in just with how this season’s been going. It’s been strange in all aspects but then again I mean you gotta look big picture and put things in perspective that we should just appreciate the opportunity that we’re still able to play, we are staying safe and get a chance to play the game we love,” Lazar said.

He’s also excited to join the Bruins with Taylor Hall.

“He’s a great guy, great competitor, obviously his numbers probably aren’t what he wants it to be but he’s fired up and ready to go. He’s gonna put the work in to get the results,” Lazar explained.

“I feel like for both of us it’s a chance to play some competitive hockey, you know be in that playoff race. It’s exciting, that’s what every player wants to be in the postseason. We’ve got a great chance here. I’m happy to be a part of a very special organization with the Bruins.”

It’s not only a chance to possibly play in the postseason but also a fresh start after a tough year with the Sabres that saw a franchise record 18-game winless streak.

“We had a lot of adversity, not saying that other teams didn’t but you get Covid and you kind of lose your legs and you go on that losing streak and what not and it was some tough sledding. There’s no other way around it but it’s a good group over there, I’m gonna miss the guys but I’m looking forward to a chance here to play with the Bruins,” Lazar explained.

“We found some creative ways to lose games but you look at the way they’re playing now, it’s pretty exciting especially that game yesterday in Philly. I wish that team all the best, they have a very bright future with all those young guys that are playing the right way right now. You can see that confidence growing so saying that I look forward to you know sticking it to ’em tomorrow or next week,” Lazar said smiling.

While Lazar is going to see a lot of his former team coming up, he’s still grateful for his time with the Sabres.

“I kind of hit my stride in Buffalo and I want to build off what I learned there and continue that with the Bruins.”