ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) – Injuries have been the big story for the Bills lately but this week they got some good news as cornerback Dane Jackson returned to practice for the first time since leaving their week 2 win over the Titans with a neck injury in an ambulance.

“It meant a lot to be back out there with the guys, get moving around, it felt like I’d been out for like a month or something so it felt good being back out there,” Jackson said after practice on Wednesday.

Jackson was out at practice last week on the sideline just watching but did not participate. Wednesday marked the first time he returned to football activity on a limited basis.

“I feel good, I mean all of my soreness really going away, everything checked out on the pictures and everything so just waiting for all the soreness to go away and I’ll be back to 100%,” Jackson said.

“Nothing structural, I got MRIs, CT scans, all that type of stuff, nothing structural so just soreness.”

Despite how scary the hit looked, Jackson avoided what could have been a very serious injury. That was just nine days ago when football took a backset for Jackson as he was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

“I was just really worried about my future at that point, I wasn’t worried about anything football related. I was thinking about my son at home, my mom, I know everybody was crying, my girl was right next to me so it was an emotional roller coaster,” Jackson explained.

“It was pretty scary, it was pretty scary for sure. I wanted to get up but precautionary things you can’t get up so it was a scary way on the way to the hospital not being able to move or anything like that not knowing, really the unknown was the most scary part. But once I knew everything was good then I kind of relaxed.”

As Jackson was talking with reporters in the locker room describing how happy he is to be back practicing, you couldn’t help but notice how much he was smiling and it’s that relief of avoiding a major injury that has his spirits so high.

“Oh for sure, I mean I’m here, I’m alive, I’m standing. Everybody’s seen the hit, they know it could have been a lot worse so just for me to be here, nothing structural, walking, back in the locker room with my teammates it’s just a blessing. I can’t do nothing else but smile,” Jackson said.

“It definitely was a serious situation, it’s just the ugly side of our sport and it’s just a true blessing that he was able to come out all right and he’s here at practice and he should be ready to go this week and it’s just a true blessing. He’s got some angels over him for sure,” Von Miller said after practice on Wednesday.

As for his playing status for Sunday, it’s a wait and see approach.

“Right now it’s just day-by-day, just taking it, going day-by-day out there. Today you saw I’m in the red jersey so tomorrow we’ll see, wake up and see how I feel and go from there pretty much,” Jackson explained.

Jackson did say if he gets the greenlight from their medical staff that he’s good to play, he’ll be out there. The Bills take on the Ravens in Baltimore on Sunday at 1.