BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Maybe it has something to do with the Rangers, or maybe he just loves to throw hands, but Dylan Cozens has shown twice this season that he’s not afraid to drop the gloves on any given night. Tuesday night’s scrap against Kevin Rooney was the second fight in the last two months by the Sabres rookie. Both came against New York.

His most recent fight on Tuesday came after Rooney hit Drake Caggiula in the 3rd period. Cozens took it upon himself to correct Rooney, but also used it to try and help his own game.

“The hit didn’t look too good and I wasn’t too happy with my own play these last couple of games and especially that game, so I felt the need to get myself involved some way, so I saw that as a good opportunity to do so,” Cozens said.

Rooney received a two minute minor penalty for boarding, and was also assessed five minutes for fighting. Cozens also received a five-minute major penalty.

Dylan got another five on Wednesday, as in five questions asked to the rookie were all about fighting. The youngster said the two fights he’s gotten in have given him a surge of energy for the rest of the game.

“I think after you drop the gloves, the adrenaline boosts,” Cozens said. “It’s something you can’t really get from anything else. I think after a fight it does give me a huge boost and it’s definitely something I’ll do when I’m not happy with my game, and not happy with how I’m feeling.”

He mentioned he wasn’t happy about his game, and that’s part of why he threw down on Tuesday night.

“Just been kind of fighting the puck lately,” Cozens said. “Haven’t been able to get into a rhythm at all. Our line especially, we talk about it. We just haven’t been able to get into a rhythm lately. I think the main thing is just simplify and just go back to simple things and not try and do too much, that’s when it gets worse.”

Cozens also had a fight on March 2nd against Ryan Lindgren, which was his first NHL fight at the time. He didn’t do much fighting before coming to Buffalo, but the rookie is also showing he won’t back down from confrontation either.

“I only had one other fight in juniors,” Cozens said. “They didn’t really want me to fight down there. I think I was too much of an asset for them and up here I know as a young guy it’s something that, like I said before, it’s an easy way to get respect and something I can do to help the team especially when I’m not doing good, I’m not feeling good.”

Cozens has held his own in both fights so far, and when asked about it, he

“Honestly most of it’s just kind of instinct, just natural instinct, I guess,” Cozens said. “I don’t know how else to put it.”

We’ve seen a lot more fight on the ice from the Sabres the last half of the season, and now Cozens is bringing his own fight to these games.