Greg Paulus Reflects on First Season As Head Coach of Niagara Basketball


Just seven days before the start of the season, Niagara Basketball’s Greg Paulus was promoted from Assistant Coach to Head Coach, after the departure of Patrick Beilein.

“Our goal when we took over in November was we wanted to build a foundation for our basketball program,” said Paulus.

In his first year as Niagara’s head coach, that’s exactly what he did.

“It takes time to create an identity,” said Paulus. “We want to be a team on the floor who is connected, share emotion, play together, play hard. Off the court we want to represent this university in a first class way.

The Purple Eagles has their share of triumphs, and struggles throughout the season finishing 12-20 overall, and 9-11 in conference play. Paulus admits, it was a big learning experience.

“There’s situations that come up during the season that there isn’t a manual for” Paulus reflected. “I know that next year I’ll be a lot better from learning from this year as well.”

Reflecting back on the year, Paulus radiated pride for his players.

“From day one the trust and belief and buy-in they had in our coaching staff and in myself, I’m really grateful for them.”

Grateful for his team, and grateful for the growth to come.

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