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4 Notable Quotes: Josh Allen & LeSean McCoy - Bills Vs. Chargers

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - For the first time since being named the starter, rookie Josh Allen spoke to the media as he continues to prepare for Sunday's home opener against the Chargers.

Here are four notable quotes from his and LeSean McCoy's press conference.

Q: It didn’t take long, you’re in there. Just give us your thoughts on how it all went down and how you feel about it.

A: Obviously, I’m super excited and thankful for the chance to be the starter for this team. This is something I’ve dreamed [of] for a very long time, but now that it’s here, just come Sunday, [I’m] just trying to do my job. I’m not trying to do too much. [I have to be able to] trust in those around me and ultimately be the quarterback that this team needs, which is, moving the ball, staying on third down and putting points on the board.

Q: How ready do you feel?

A: It’s Wednesday. The game is a few days away, so we’ve got preparation to do, a lot of film work to do. Like I said, it’s a really good defense that we’re facing, so we can’t take them lightly. They’re going to be ready come Sunday, too.

Q: How do you feel that starting this early in your rookie season can help accelerate your development?

A: Just seeing defenses, playing in games. Those reps are invaluable, I think, especially for a young quarterback. Any repetition, any chance I get to go out there and play football, it’s something I enjoy doing, something I love doing, and something I will always cherish and love doing. To go out there and actually play in meaningful snaps, it’s going to be fun.


Q: (To LeSean) You’ve said in the past that you’re not quick to fall in love with rookies, but Tre’Davious White and Josh Allen are a little different though. What makes you think that Josh is ready for this?

A: He’s a rookie, so he’ll have his lumps, his bruises. It’s learning. Every team, every game, every stadium, it’s a new experience for him. That’s what comes with the job. As far as a talent level, jumping from a college offense and learning that, coming to the NFL with the All Stars, the players, this is the elite level. I see his talent, he’s smart, his arm strength. He’s put together. If I had to draft a quarterback, I would draft a kid like him. He’s mobile, he’s tall, he’s strong, he’s not afraid, he’s smart and he has a big arm. When I said those things about rookies, I’m not big on rookies, but guys like him and Tre, they’re special, they’re different. This year, next year, you’ll see him coming together; it’s a scary sight for the defense.


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