5 Questions: Wyatt Teller

Inside The Buffalo Huddle

There are plenty of position battles worth keeping an eye on, from the quarterbacks, wide receivers and even along the offensive line.

With the Bills wrapping up their first week of practice at training camp, Buffalo Kickoff LIVE caught up with offensive guard Wyatt Teller, who has quite the appetite for burritos, and gives unique perspective on his first interaction with Tremaine Edmunds at Virginia Tech in 5 Questions.




BKL: Wyatt when you were drafted, you famously said when you were drafted you were going to celebrate by eating eight Fritos burritos.  Did you do it and how are you still standing?


WT: The joke is, in college I’d go to Taco Bell and get some Fritos burritos.  Luckily, there isn’t a lot of Taco Bells up here and I’ve been to Mighty Taco a few times and I like it.


BKL: Of the hundreds of thousands players drafted, you’re the first from your county (Fauquier) in Virginia to be selected in the NFL Draft.  What does that mean to you and where you’re from.


WT: It means a lot because we pride ourselves on our toughness in the county. To be the first one drafted, I didn’t believe it when it happened but to find out it’s true, it’s an honor.


BKL: You played with Tremaine Edmunds at VA Tech. DC Leslie Frazier has called him an ‘anomaly’ at training camp.  What’s the worst you’ve been embarrassed by him or seen an OL been embarrased?


WT: Luckily I haven’t been too embarrassed by him. I remember him as freshman I was thinking ‘who is this big lanky dude looking me in the eyes.’ He came down hill and hit me and I was like ‘Ok, that’s a lot of power for a freshman.’  He’s evolved and he’s something special.


BKL: Growing up you had the nickname ‘hugs.’ That’s a very unique nickname for a guy that plays the position you do. Explain to the people how it all came about.


WT: The ACC officials would call me ‘hugs.’ When you’re young and you don’t know how to use your hands, you just torque them to the ground.  Once I calmed down a little bit and used my hands a little bit better, I worked on it hard in college and it shows.


BKL: Anybody call you ‘hugs’ here?


WT: Not yet. Haven’t gotten any holdings calls here yet.

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