Bills preparing for Rodgers, Packers, McCoy ready to prove himself

Inside The Buffalo Huddle

The Bills continuing to get ready for their big Sunday matchup on the road against the Green Bay Packers. Of course, the Packers have probably the best quarterback in the NFL, depends on who you talk to about Tom Brady. The Bills are going to have their hands full with Aaron Rodgers. 

“Yeah now listen, he’s not going to practice all week,” said WGR 550’s Sal Capaccio. “That’s been the script for the last two weeks, ever since he had that injury opening weekend against the Chicago Bears. But Rodgers is going to play on Sunday, and they’re still going to have one of the best in the business, one of the best all time. Even with an injury, he’s still good at alluding things, and getting rid of the ball quickly, he’s going to be a challenge.”

Rodgers has thrown for six touchdown passes and no interceptions this season. LeSean McCoy looked really good at practice so far this week, he is expected to be on the field. 

“I got a little sense of him listening to him talk to the media, he really wants to get out there to prove his worth after his team won without him on the field,” said Capaccio. “McCoy wants to show that he can be out there, he can contribute, he can be a factor in another big win.” 

You talk to the players, they’re enjoying the idea of going and having a chance to play at Lambeau. One of the guys, Micah Hyde, spent four seasons there you better believe he’s looking forward to the return trip.

“It’s interesting because Jerry Hughes just told us a little while ago in the locker room that Micah Hyde is giving them a little intel here and there about facing Aaron Rodgers and that defense,” said Capaccio. He’s talking about what to listen for, what to look for so I think Micah Hyde is a little bit of an x-factor for the defense as a whole to know things about Aaron Rodgers.

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