“It’s crazy, it’s the coolest thing ever,” said Dylan Lonnen. 

Last week, he opened his front door to find a package sitting on the step. His cousin who played lacrosse for Syracuse and made some NFL connections, had let Dylan’s sister know something was coming in the mail. However, no one expected what was inside the box. 

“We got a delivery, and then we opened it and we were like this is not lacrosse,” said Dylan’s older sister, Hannah. “This is ten times better than anything you can get from Syracuse lacrosse.” 

“It was all football stuff from Zay Jones, and I had no idea,” said Dylan.

The Bills’ wide receiver sent Dylan a game worn Bills cleat, a signed football, and a note with a very special message. 

“It said the condolences for your mother, and how thank you for being a Bills fan,” said Dylan. “It was so cool.”

Back in April, Dylan, Hannah and their younger sister Maggie lost their mother unexpectedly. They say this unexpected surprise from Zay means more than anyone can know. 

“The games meant a lot to her and every Sunday we’d watch it,” said Hannah. “So just to know that something that she enjoyed so much is helping us get through it is making it ten times better for us.”

“Knowing what we’re going through right now, it just amazing how he can reach out to me like that,” added Dylan.

Jones did more than just reach out. He made a lifelong impact in true Bills fashion.

“It’s just how Buffalo is,” said Dylan. “When something goes down, everybody helps and is ready for everything so they help a lot.”

“It’s cool to know the community is out there for you and the community is coming together for just one little thing,” added Dylan’s younger sister Maggie.