ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) – Bills legend Jim Kelly returned to the field at Highmark Stadium, but with much younger teammates this time. The 34th annual Jim Kelly football camp kicked off this week, and as usual, the kids had a great time.

“It’s amazing actually,” camper Lucas Aiken said. “Meet some new friends, you play on a team, like normal football and just have a lot of fun. He actually threw a touchdown pass to me.”

For all the fun the kids had, it looked like Jim had just as much fun. The former Bills QB loves putting this camp together.

“It’s exciting because you think about who these kids are that are here,” Kelly said. “Their grandfathers and grandmothers told them about me. It wasn’t mom and dad, it was grandfathers and grandmothers, so it’s great. Every day, every day I come here I leave with a smile on my face.”

500 kids showed up for the three-day camp and caught passes from the hall of famer. Seeing the smile on their faces means a lot to the Bills legend.

“A couple of kids yesterday said ‘I caught a pass from Jim Kelly,'” the QB said That makes me feel good because I know how old I am.”

Regardless of Jim’s age, these kids know how special it is to catch a touchdown pass from one of the best QB’s in franchise history.

“It was pretty cool,” camper Nolan Wolter said. “I didn’t know he was going to come play in our game.”

“It was an amazing feeling,” Aiken said. “I was like oh my gosh Jim Kelly threw a touchdown pass to me.”

The camp goes until Thursday.