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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — “This is actually the first time my dad’s let me out of the house, he’s been very strict about that so I’ve been trying to stay on top of my homework and getting all my schoolwork done, but also doing all the workouts, trying to get outside as much as I can, running, coming to the park,” Lancaster senior lacrosse player Madelyn Robinson said. “I’ve missed my friends, this is the first time that I’ve gotten to see them in a week. It’s been hard.”

With school out and spring sports in limbo, high school athletes across Western New York are still getting out and getting their workouts in with the hopes of returning to the field of play before the end of the school year.

“It’s definitely a weird time, it’s a little bit crazy,” senior track athlete Ethan Jurkowski said. “We’re trying to stay on top of our schoolwork and online, which is a little bit different because we’re so used to being in the classroom every day, but we’re still working the same. We’re going out to the fields, running, we’ve got a little bit more free time on our hands now so it’s definitely weird. It kind of almost feels like summer in a way because you get more down time, you can get up and go for a run maybe that you wouldn’t be able to do during the school day.”

“It feels like a movie, it doesn’t feel real.”

“Our whole team still needs to work super hard,” senior softball player Olivia Ringle said. “If it does end up that we can still play, we still want to be in the best shape we can be. As a team, I feel like it’s good to come together.”

“We’re really trying to stay in touch with each other,” junior lacrosse player Juliet Pastore said. “Still creating a team bond, staying in touch with our coaches, getting daily workouts, just trying our best to stay in shape.”

“We keep pushing ourselves, trying to get better every day, so with this time without school it’s kind of bad that we’re not in school but we can benefit from it, come out here and be more active than we normally are,” senior baseball player Nick Castellana said.

“We’re all friends outside of softball, no matter what we play, travel together, we’re always together no matter what so we’re always going to be there for each other no matter what,” senior softball player Sam Schafer said. “Especially in a hard time like this, we know we want to stay together, stay in shape, just be together because we know we’re going to play again.”

“I think every chance we can get to get a stick in our hands reminds us that we’re family and we’ll get through this together,” sophomore lacrosse player Mia Robinson said.

“I think the past two years I haven’t had a week off,” junior baseball player Jason Mansell said. “Just getting out here, yesterday we came out here swinging the bat a little bit, just trying to get our swings in, then for basketball I don’t know what’s going to happen with that, but we still have to get some shots up. I have a basktball hoop in my driveway so I’m doing some 1 vs. 1 with my brother.”

“We’re just trying to stay active as much as we can.”

“None of us are really doing much, we’re just out here trying to stay positive so it’s important that we still get together so that if we do start back up we’re ready,” senior softball player Lauren Booth said.

“I think it’s important because it keeps morale really high and it keeps everyone talking,” senior softball player Samantha Feidt said. “We text all the time, but it’s good to see each other’s faces even if it’s still outside and a distance apart from each other.”

“We’re all a big family with everyone. Lancaster brings out different breeds and we just all love each other,” senior lacrosse player Shawn Davis said.

“We definitely all have the mindset that we’re coming back, we’re all positive and think that we will be able to finish our season, so we’re all putting in that work to be as good as we would be if we had actual practices,” junior lacrosse player Avrey Kirisits said. “I think we’re going to play even better because we’re going to be so excited and we won’t take that for granted ever again, getting to play together.”

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