Lancaster girls lacrosse playing for seniors


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The Lancaster Legends have opened up the 2021 spring season with a perfect 6-0 record, and are outscoring opponents by an average of 13 goals per game. Even with an incredibly impressive start to the season, it’s been an emotional journey leading to this point.

“We are so excited. We talk about every game how thankful we are and that we have to focus on where we were a year ago to where we are at this point and just really focus on being grateful,” Lancaster head coach Julie Buccieri said. “We have our sign over there that we’re playing for our 2020s that didn’t get a chance to play. We’re really focused on taking in every game and looking around and being appreciative every practice, every game, every moment and really just being thankful.”

“It really definitely feels surreal. It’s like the first time we’re playing, like it was our first ever Lancaster lacrosse game, it’s the same way,” Lancaster senior Katelyn Rotitka said. “We were waiting so long for this moment, and never really thought it was going to come.”

“It’s so exciting, just the hype going into the season and the excitement going into the season set the tone for the season we’re about to have going forward,” Lancaster senior Jessica Notaro said. “The seniors are so excited to gain back what our seniors lost last year and to also spread that to the rest of the team and have all of our team working together to chase that goal we wanted last year.”

With 10 seniors on the Lancaster team, these girls are just so thankful to be getting the chance to wrap up their high school careers on the field in their final season.

“I think it’s just really exciting getting to end our senior year especially with stuff being taken away from us at the beginning of the year like coach said, just being able to end our year on a high note where we’re happiest on this field,” Lancaster senior Juliet Pastore said. “Just being able to care for our teammates and show the underclassmen what it’s all about, it’s really really important to us and really exciting that it’s finally here.”

“Every game is special for us, especially the seniors after missing our junior season last year,” Lancaster senior Avrey Kirisits said. “Before every game, we all take a moment in our huddle and realize this could be taken away at any second and just be happy that we get to play the game we love.”

“Even before the season started, we made it a point, we were counting down the days until we finally got to it and it was finally a reality,” Notaro said. “It didn’t feel like there was going to be [a season], so every game we take a minute, especially the seniors, to reflect on what’s happened and reflect on that going forward, and to also spread that to the rest of the team. It’s nice to be able to aide and help those underclassmen and see their development going forward.”

Knowing that they won’t get the chance to play past Sectionals this year, instead of being upset, the Legends have found a positive spin in 2021.

“Obviously the main goal is to get the sectional title. Since this year we can’t go further than the sectional, we have the opportunity to end on a win. Normally we stop at regionals, we normally lose against Rochester, but we have the opportunity to end the season, especially our senior season, on a win, we’re really thankful for that,” Rokitka said.

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