BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Teammates typically feel like brothers on the field, but for the Lancaster boys lacrosse team, they literally are.

The Legends have three sets of brothers on the team: the Lens, the Suchyna’s and the Flecks, for a total of seven of the 24 guys on the team.

“It really helps everybody get together more, we mess with each other all the time, especially me and my brother. I’m trying to get him better, he’s playing both shorty and long stick so just having me around is helping him get to where he wants to be,” Lancaster senior Ryan Len said. “Luke and Noah (Suchyna) are both veterans, so with their leadership combined it’s even better. The brotherhood, it’s what makes us a stronger team than other ones.”

“Me and Ryan have played football together, hockey, this is our last sport playing together. It’s pretty cool because he’s driving me to practice, we can work together, he watches me, I watch him, and we can work together. It’s pretty cool,” Lancaster junior Brad Len said.

“I’ve been playing with my brother pretty much since I started, so it’s definitely the easiest to play with. I know how he plays, he knows how I play,” Lancaster senior Luke Suchyna said. “With the Lens and the Flecks, I definitely haven’t played on a team like that with that many people who are related. I don’t think it’s made a huge difference to me personally, but them playing together, you can definitely tell that they’ve been around each other for a long time. It’s fun to watch.”

“It’s really fun because I haven’t played with him in a while, I started playing my own age group. Now playing in high school with him, it’s the first time in a while,” Lancaster sophomore Noah Suchyna said. “I think it’s nice because everybody is a lot closer. Obviously siblings are closer, so it’s cool having a lot of siblings on the team.”

Luke and Noah Suchyna currently lead the Legends in points, with Luke leading the team with 15 on seven goals and eight assists, and Noah close behind with 12 on nine goals and three assists. Ryan Len ranks third on the team with 10 points, touting eight goals and two assists of his own.

None of the brothers say they have played on a team with this many sets of siblings before, but with a senior in each of the sets of brothers, they are all sure to be soaking up their final months on the field together.