LeSean McCoy Prepares for 10th NFL Season


LeSean McCoy has spent 9 NFL seasons outrunning tacklers and Father Time. He’s still an elite running back but is staring down the barrel of 30, which is normally the age when the tires begin to leak air fast. McCoy is aware of the younger backs who are trying to chase him down. 

“I remember being twenty five, twenty four looking at the older guys saying I’m going to catch him, I want to be better than him. Now it’s like reverse. Now it’s okay, alright. I’m still an elite player but these young guys are creeping on me so I gotta continue to do better and do better.”

Brian Daboll will be McCoy’s 4th offensive coordinator in 4 seasons with Buffalo. Daboll takes over a Bills offense with plenty of question marks, the one sure thing he has to work with is McCoy. The Bills back likes the look of the new playbook. 

“He’s always trying to confuse the defense and find the mismatch and most offenses that are successful, that’s what they do. So we’re going to run the ball in different formations, keep guys off balance, and be on the attack.” 

LeSean had high praise for rookie QB Josh Allen but joked that the Bills don’t need to get to carried away, “we still got to get Shady the ball 25 times.” 

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