BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Bills quarterback Josh Allen will play in Sunday’s season finale, head coach Sean McDermott told reporters on Tuesday morning.

How long the second year quarterback will play is another question.

McDermott explained there were several factors that played into the team’s decision to play, as he said, “most of the guys” in Week 17, including the team’s franchise quarterback.

“We’re not an old team. We certainly have guys that need some rest and taken care of, and that’s where you get into the case-by-case basis. We’re trying to be rested, we’re trying to be fresh,” McDermott explained. “It’s a delicate balance in remaining sharp and keeping our edge and also working to continue to get better as well.”

Back-up Matt Barkley could see time on the field as well, McDermott added.

Taking Allen out sooner rather than later might be a smart decision, considering the reputation of Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and message to his his defense about ‘remember me shots’ on quarterbacks.

“That has been factored it. I’m telling you, that’s been factored in, that’s been discussed. I don’t want to go any further with that other than to say, you always factor in who you’re playing,” said McDermott. “That was factored in as well. The game has to played the right way and that’s where the officials have to do their job. We respect their job and expect them to do their job.”

The Bills enter the final week of the regular season having already secured a playoff berth, their second in three years under the current regime. They will play either Houston or Kansas City on Wild Card weekend.