Mittelstadt powers “Team Martin” to victory at French Connection Tournament

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Casey Mittelstadt scored four goals, including the game winner in a shootout to lift “Team Martin” past Team “Perreault” 3-2 in the 3-on-3 French Connection Tournament at HaborCenter on Saturday.

No. 1 overall pick Rasmus Dahlin did not score in the tournament, but had several chances turned away.

After four days of refining and developing their skills, the focus of the conversation from the Sabres front office remains changing the culture within the organization and bringing in quality players both on and off the ice. And. that of course starts with number one overall pick Rasmus Dahlin.

“He’s a special player and a special person,” Sabres Assistant General Manager Randy Sexton said.  “We’re all so fortunate to have him with us and our fans are going to see him for a long time to come.”

“Of course it’s fun to hear, but of course you have to put in work after they say that,” said Dahlin.

Even with character, you still might want to have a few guys who aren’t afraid to get under people’s skin, like 4th round pick Matej Pekar who has his revenge on Dahlin early in the 3-on-3 tourney after being on the receiving end a check that went viral Friday afternoon.

“I think I got him back today, so I’m pretty happy about that,” a smiling Pekar said after scoring a goal in the tournament.

“(Dahlin) is great. An hour later we were sitting at the table laughing because it was all over the media,” he joked of the big hit from Dahlin that leveled him.  “Even the Czech national team was posting it. So, it was kind of funny.”

Pekar, who likens his game to Boston’s Brad Marchand, also made it a point to seek out Casey Mittelstadt and mix it up a bit.

“I love it, I love it,” Pekar said.  “I love to be the annoying guy, the annoying rat that keeps getting under guys skin and it’s kind of my game, too.”

“Everyone hates playing against him, and loves having him,” Mittelstadt said. “So, it was kind of fun — woke me up. So, it was perfect.”

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