“When I put that helmet on I feel like it’s turned into a different person.”

That person was a disruptive force for the Oklahoma defense. Perrion Winfrey had 5.5 sacks and 11 tackles for loss for the Sooners. Scouts praise Winfrey quickness and power off the snap. Winfrey has great versatility which should allow him to succeed in different NFL schemes.

“I feel like I can plan any system,” Winfrey said. “Whatever system feels like is the best fit for me, that’s what system I’m gonna go to. I can’t complain with any system. I know that in any defense I believe I’m going to be able to do what I need to do and dominate.”

Winfrey says growing up in Chicago wasn’t easy but his mom taught him lessons he won’t soon forget.

“Obviously growing up my life was hard,” Winfrey said. “That’s another reason why I play the game of football so hard because I wasn’t one of those kids that was spoon fed. I had to go and get everything that I had. With the good comes the ugly. You can’t have the good without the bad, so I’m just learning to take the good things that come with the bad things in life. Obviously you’re not gonna be able to do great things without bad things happening in your life, so I’m just learning to take adversity head-on and continue to go forward.”

Winfrey is projected to be a 2nd round pick.