Niagara University Sports Medicine donates medical supplies


NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. (WIVB) — The COVID-19 pandemic has put an extraordinary stress on the medical community worldwide, but the Niagara University Sports Medicine staff helped to ease a little bit of that burden.

On Wednesday, the Purple Eagles donated medical supplies to the Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center to help healthcare workers on the front lines.

“The university, athletics, the community is very supportive of us throughout the years, so any time we get the chance to give back, we love to,” Niagara University Head Athletic Trainer John Munro said.

With the campus being shut down, Munro had to be swiped into the facility by campus safety in order to obtain the supplies. Local hospitals are asking for donations of gowns, masks, and gloves, and the sports medicine staff was able to donate a case of about 1,000 gloves in total.

“The situation for drop-off was interesting, they sort of met me in the parking lot of Dwyer [Arena], it was barren, nobody was there. They were very grateful of the supplies and whatever we could give,” Munro said. “I didn’t directly go to the hospital, but it’s certainly stuff they can use and need.”

The hospital said they expect a surge of cases to continue in the coming weeks, and Munro and his staff let them know they will be available to donate more gloves if the need arises.

“The university’s Vincentian mission is to help the community,” Munro said. “A lot of times as an athletic trainer I’m always doing and helping and doing things for the student athletes, so right now the cupboards are a little barren since they’re gone and they’re home, so any time we can get a chance to go back and do what we do as a profession is helping, I’d love to help.”

“They asked, and we certainly will do whatever we can to help them.”

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