Nikki Villarini aiming high on the pitch and in the classroom


For Hamburg’s Nikki Villarini, things come pretty naturally both on the field, and in the classroom. 

“She’s very very smart,” said Hamburg High School Athletic Director Pat Cauley. “She’s very intuitive, she’s beyond her years.” 

“I think like effortless is the best way I could say it, she makes everything look really easy,” added Villarini’s Social Studies teacher Sean Cronin.

The three sport senior is also doing something many high schoolers don’t even consider

“I’m going to graduate in January and then start classes at a community college,” said Villarini. “I’m taking my general education classes and work at my Dad’s law firm, so that’s experience. Just some time off before I go to college.”

Apparently for Villarini, graduating early, taking spring semester college courses and working at a law firm is taking time off. It’s a testament to her persistence, and desire to leave nothing unfinished 

“On the field when I see a girl I have to chase her down, I just have to keep going and I think that’s definitely what I do in the classroom,” said Villarini. “I just am always working towards what i can do the best, even though it’s not the top, it’s always like my best work and that’s just what I take pride in.”

The senior has a lot to be proud of. Along with being named to the to the all Western New York 2nd team for soccer, Villarini is 6th in her class.

“If you had a daughter, you’d want her to be exactly like her,” said Cronin. “She’s gracious, respectful, intelligent, athletic i mean i can just keep going on with the adjectives. She’s everything you’d want in a student if i had a classroom of Nikki’s i’d be overjoyed every day.”

The soon to be graduate hasn’t decided on a college just yet, but hopes to study chemistry and continue her athletic career. 

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