BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Cheektowaga senior David Douglass knows how to help. In the classroom he does what he can to help his group mates, and on the volleyball court he helps his teammates as a setter.

Douglass has been helping the Cheektowaga Warriors since his freshman year. He’s started on varsity all four seasons and has served as team captain the last two years. Now he hopes to help them make a playoff run.

“Going into our last playoff run it’s going to be intimidating obviously but i think we can make a big push,” Douglass said.

Helping’s been part of David’s DNA. After high school he wants to study to one day become a guidance counselor.

“Ever since I was a kid I had a strong desire for helping people no matter what it was and I think in the future there is going to be a strong need for guidance counselors since the numbers are diminishing,” Douglass said.

And that helpful mindset ties into how he plays as well. As a setter it’s his job to help his teammates make the best play possible.

“I’ve always set people up, making sure that when they pass to me I make sure that I sent them correctly so they can get a good swing,” Douglass said.

David carries a 3.8 GPA and just hopes to keep improving on the way to graduation next spring. But he still has one piece of advice for other student athletes.

“My advice is to definitely take school seriously, study and definitely do your homework but also have some fun because it definitely helps,” Douglass said.

Douglass is currently undecided on his future for college.