Running with the Bulls: Sights & Sounds of the Bahamas


NASSAU, BAHAMAS (WIVB) – It’s been a week of fun, football and philanthropy for the Bulls in the Bahamas. From the minute the plane touched down in Nassau, the excitement among the team practically could be felt from miles away.

“I mean it’s awesome, this place is just amazing do you know being here the air is so warm it’s so exciting,” said UB offensive lineman Evin Ksiezarczyk. “Being from Buffalo, you know it’s like 30° there it’s being here it’s amazing I’m speechless it’s awesome.”

Tuesday morning at the Atlantis featured a pretty epic surprise for the bulls courtesy of head coach lance Leipold.

“We all got up very early on our mind that we we’re going to have practice and coach comes in and shows us our practice schedule and it says the water park and guys just started celebrating and jumping up,” running back Jaret Patterson explained. “It was pretty fun, it’s pretty cool that coach did that, giving us the day off to enjoy this experience and I think that’s pretty cool.”:

“Our coaches always tell us to enjoy the vacation, but remember it’s a business trip so you know, be where your feet are,” added Antonio Nunn. “That’s what they’re basically telling us so when is practice it’s practice. When you’ve got time for yourself, it’s time for yourself. So we’re trying to balance that and take away with it.”

UB took to the practice field Wednesday under the scorching sun and high humidity- and then it was time to give back as members of the Bulls and Charlotte took to the field with kids in the community for a youth football clinic. 

“They’re having a blast,” said Max Michel. “All the kids laughing, racing and competing, and giving their best effort, it just puts a smile on my face because I was in their shoes. I was somebody that wanted to have fun with football and stuff like that. So for us to do that and give back to them feels great.”

“Every single one of these players that’s coaching these young guys had a coach that impacted their lives in ways that none of us can imagine,” said Steve Specht. “Now they’re giving back, they are impacting these young kids lives. To watch this happen, it really is what makes our game so great.”

“Giving the kids something like they’ve never seen before, they were so amazed at us,” said Rich Miller. “It felt good to be able to give them this experience, so they had fun, they had a whole Lotta fun competing. I taught them a lot of different things like double reverses and stuff like that. It was real fun.”

At the end of the day, the Bulls continue to reiterate that this isn’t a vacation, it’s a business trip. They have a sour taste in their mouths from a season ago, and want to make history and become the first team in program history to win a bowl game.

Kickoff on Friday is set for 2 o’clock.

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