Alyssa King: November Female Scholar Athlete

Scholar Athlete

Tonawanda High School senior Alyssa King truly understands the meaning behind the phrase “knowledge is power.”

“It’s always exciting to learn new things and be able to expand the knowledge,” said King. “Knowledge is such a factor in today’s society and how far it gets you.”

King’s drive and passion is something both her teachers and coaches recognized immediately.

“She’s so well rounded,” noted King’s cross country coach Elizabeth Randell. “”She’s so involved and level headed and pragmatic. She takes on a lot but she also owns it and manages it well.”

Along with holding a 3.8 GPA, the senior runs cross country and track for the Warriors. When she was first introduced to the sport, Randell immediately sensed King’s passion for running.

“There aren’t many kids who like to run, especially when they hear that it’s a three mile race,” said Randell. “I think it’s very intimidating to them so it was clear to me that she was motivated already.”

“Not everyone enjoys running but it’s the community, and everything you learn, and health, and bonding,” added King. “There’s just more to it than just running 3.1 miles.”

When she’s not on the course or in the classroom, King is showcasing her quilting talents, a talent which has won her multiple awards on a local, state and national level.

“My grandma quilts, so early on it was just well, let’s see if she takes to this,” said King. “I did. Each quilt is obviously different so each year, I try to find something a little more challenging to see if I’m capable of it and that way I learn and broaden my knowledge.”

As King prepares to head to Waynesburg University next fall to study marine biology and run cross country, she leaves a lasting impact on her teachers and coaches.

“I’ve been teaching and coaching for a really long time and finding a bond with a student like that is really unusual,” said Randell. “We’ve gotten really close and she’s one that I’m truly going to miss.”

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