BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — For Max Barney, a senior at Canisius High School, it’s all about brotherhood.

“These guys are my teammates, but they are also my brothers. I know them all in and out, everything about them and they are all family to me. Just playing in school with them and taking it out to the field or the rink is just an awesome opportunity,” said Barney.

Barney is the perfect example of a model student. He plays on both the lacrosse and hockey team, he spends his free time volunteering and does this all while keeping great grades in the classroom. Additionally, he volunteers with many organizations in Western New York.

Every Tuesday, Barney helps prepare food bags for low income residents in Evans, New York.

“It was knowing that you made a difference in someone’s life and that you played an important role in the world today,” Barney said.

In the fall, Barney will be head east to Boston College where he plans to major in biology.

“I chose Boston College because the school is very similar to Canisius,” said Barney. “They are both prestigious academically and athletically, something that I was looking forward to when choosing a college. It also had the Jesuit traits of Canisius; helping each other, doing service, the five traits, the loving, the committed doing justice, intellectually competent, and just helping others is what I was looking forward to in choosing a college.”

Head coach Jeff White has thoroughly enjoyed his time coaching Barney whiles he been at Canisius.

“Coaching max is pretty easy to be honest with you. He listens, does all the right things. I’ve had the pleasure of coaching him for three years now and then off the field he’s great. He’s great in the classroom. Coaching him has been a pleasure and we are going to miss him next year,” said White.

Sara Holland is a Sports Anchor/Reporter at News 4. Follow her on Twitter @SaraaHolland and see more of her work here.