BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – St. Francis swimmer Luke Nowak is diving into his senior season, but swimming in the deep end is no trouble for Luke. He maintains a 101 GPA while taking AP classes, and is dual-enrolled, taking college-level courses. He also plays football in the fall, so he’s had a busy start to his last year.

“It’s been a pretty crazy year,” Nowak said. “A little bit of a step up from last year with everything going on.”

It’s all with a bigger goal in mind. Luke’s got eyes on the sky with hopes of one day become a commercial pilot.

“It’s something I’ve always known that I’ve wanted to do,” Nowak said. “Ever since I was three or four and going up in a plane it was always just something that kind of caught my attention and every year when we would go on vacation I felt like the flight was always the best part.”

Until he chases the dream of flying the sky, he’s helping out his team at St. Francis in the water. As a senior leader, he’s aiming for a memorable final year.

“As an upperclassman it’s one of the rolls I’ve kind of taken on so just helping out all the guys on the team, making sure that we can all do our best and we can have a little fun with it,” Nowak said.

He’s still unsure about where he wants to college, but he’s definitely sure he wants to be a pilot someday after school.

“It’s always been that, so it’ll be a long time coming once it happens,” Nowak said.

Whether its through his success in the class, on the field or in the pool, Luke Nowak has proved he can get the job done on the ground, in the water, and maybe someday, in air.