Scholar Athlete: Danielle Brochey

Scholar Athlete

Niagara-Wheatfield senior Danielle Brochey can’t remember a time where she didn’t enjoy learning.

“Ever since I was little I always really enjoyed going to school,” said Brochey.

It isn’t often you hear a high school senior utter those words. But for Brochey, excelling at school and sports seems to go hand in hand. 

“She just does everything she needs to to get her work done, to be the top at what she does and then obviously she’s still able to go and play at the highest level in her sports,” said Brochey’s volleyball coach Brandi Cochran.

Brochey currently holds a 98.6 GPA taking an AP courseload, plays varsity volleyball for the Falcons, is on student council, the list goes on. That’s just the schedule during normal school hours for the senior. 

“I actually do this one program called Western New York Girls in Sports,” said Brochey. “I voluenteer there. It’s girls from Buffalo and Buffalo schools who come and they go twice a year and I always help out at the volleyball one. It’s really cool to see how excited they get to play new sports.”

When it comes down to acing a big math test, or serving up an ace in a state final, last year’s historic season for the Falcons made the answer a no-brainer for Brochey.  

“As much as I like getting a great grade on a math test, I would have to say winning states,” said Brochey. “This past season was like the ride of my life, it was the coolest thing to experience with all my friends who I’ve been playing with since 7th and 8th grade, and my little sister was on the team too, it was super cool.”

On and off the court, the senior’s work ethic isn’t hard to notice. 

“You can’t coach drive, you can’t coach intensity,” said Cochran. “You can try to encourage it, but to teach that, you just can’t do it. I never had to teach her that, it’s an innate thing for her.”

“I’ve learned how to put things into perspective,” noted Brochey. “What do I need to focus on, what do I need to be better at or work harder at, I think that between school and volleyball it’s given me experiences and taught me things that will really help me going into college.”

The senior plans to study engineering in college.

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