Scholar Athlete: Jenna Crean

Scholar Athlete

Orchard Park’s Jenna Crean is a star on the track.  Her 15 sectional titles and two state championships will do the talking.  But, when she started running in 8th grade she surprised herself.

“I still always feel like a little bit of an outsider because I didn’t grow up knowing track as a sport,” Crean said.  “We never watched it on TV so I never really looked into it all that much.”

There’s a lot of people that would probably be complacent winning the state title as an eighth grader and not putting in the work, but she hasn’t” added track coach Greg Lardo.

Crean’s work ethic both on the track and in the classroom are evident.  The senior boasts a 99 grade point average and is headed to Duke in the Fall.

“I’m always researching even sometimes when I go home for fun I research different things with the body and different things with plants and how they react with your skin,” she said. “I’m already ready to learn because every bit of knowledge I gain throughout my high school and college experience is going to help me help people in the future.”

The track star’s passion for research fueled her as she started own LLC, making organize vegan skin care products.  Now, when it comes to a normal day for the senior, she says it starts with school, then track practice and then a personal training session.

“And after that, I’ll come home, do my homework and then with the remaining time I have I’ll start to work on my business working on formulations, packaging, the financing,” she said.  “I don’t feel that it’s work because it’s what I’m truly passionate about and I know that by doing it I’m going to help people.”

“It’s like there’s nothing that she does that’s not unbelievable and incredible,” Lardo said.  “She’s got a lot of things going for her”

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