Tyler Connors: January Male Scholar Athlete

Scholar Athlete

Depew’s Tyler Connors understands more than most seniors his age success is something you earn.

“Honestly it’s just determination for what you want in the end, looking ahead the future’s not as far away as you think,” said Connors. “Sometimes you just have to take a step back and realize that everything that you’ve put into your work now is going to pay off in the future.”

Along with playing hockey and football for the Wildcats, and being a junior explorer for the Depew Fire Department, Connors maintains a 3.8 GPA. The senior carries a heavy course load, including AP classes.

“I enjoy taking the classes even though they’re challenging because it just makes you a better thinker overall, which is helpful in the future,” said Connors.

Being a leader is something Connors believes gets a bit overlooked. The senior makes it a point of emphasis to make an impact both in the classroom, and on the field and the ice.

“Being a captain is just something I’ve strived for every year,” said Connors. “I was like I’ve got to step it up a little bit more than the previous year which is always my goal. I think in the end it’s just be the best person you can be and help as many people as you can.”

“All the guys love him,” added Depew Hockey Coach Jerry Balisteri. “I have not heard one negative thing. Again, it’s his demeanor, it’s how he handles himself and deals with each and every teammate.”

Connors is passionate about criminal justice, and could see himself pursuing that in the future, along with being a volunteer firefighter . His career aspirations once again tie back to his love for helping others

“You put your life out for your community, I don’t think you could do much more than that,” said Connors.

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