After the Bills win over the Packers on Sunday night, Sean McDermott’s phone was full of pictures and videos from the MLS Eastern Conference finals as the Philadelphia Union beat New York City, 3-1.

And it’s not just because he grew up in Philly, his brother, Tim is the President of the Union and is now one win away from winning a championship as they take on LAFC in the MLS Cup on Saturday afternoon.

Sean came out for his Wednesday press conference wearing a Union shirt, showing support for the team and in a zoom interview with News 4 Sports, Tim returned the favor by wearing a Bills hat.

“One of the owners of the Union sent me a note this morning saying I can’t get over how much publicity we’ve received by Sean wearing Philadelphia Union gear and I just responded power of the Buffalo Bills, Bills Mafia. There is just something so special, so remarkable about the Buffalo Bills and the Bills Mafia,” Tim said.

“Philly Union baby! Pumping the Philly Union, just wanna give a shoutout to those guys, my brother as well and the work that they’ve put in over there,” Sean said Wednesday before his press conference.

“Congrats to them, excited for my brother, Tim and all that they’ve done there. The fan base, like here, different sport but their fan base is very much like Bills Mafia in football but in this case in soccer so best fan base in the sport.”

It’s interesting to look at the trajectory of the Union and Bills because in some ways, these teams have taken similar paths. Sean McDermott had to rebuild the Bills and erase a 17-year playoff drought. Now in year six as head coach of the Bills, he has them as Super Bowl favorites once again.

The Union began playing in the MLS in 2010 as an expansion team and that season finished 7th in the Eastern Conference and 14th overall. In the first five years, Philly only made the playoffs once in 2011. But once Jim Curtain took over as head coach in 2014, things slowly started turning a corner. In 2020, the Union captured its first major MLS trophy, the Supporter’s Shield as the club with best regular season record. Now the Union gets ready for its first appearance in the MLS Cup Final.

So as you can see, the Bills and the Union know a thing or two about the rebuilding process, something that Tim and Sean have in common.

“We’re both very fortunate, really blessed to be in the positions that we’re in and to see the opportunity we have to lead and try and always put our best foot forward,” Tim said.

And just like Sean keeps up with the Union’s matches, Tim keeps tabs on how the Bills are doing. “It’s funny somebody asked me the other day at the conference finals that we were in they said are you nervous? And I said not really, I said interestingly enough I get more nervous for the Buffalo Bills games and for my kids’ games than I do for the Union games,” Tim laughed.

Tim reflected on his childhood with Sean and how both of their personalities were shaped growing up that led them to where they are today.

“Going back to just when we were young kids growing up. We were brought up in a tough love, environment where discipline and structure and respect was just part of the way we were brought up from our mom and dad,” Tim said.

“So very early on we just always had this mindset of always trying to do right, always trying to do the best we can. It was just kind of who we were and I guess who we are to a large degree of always trying to put our best foot forward. It’s kind of just inside of us and inside of Sean, that mindset, that mentality of going 110% and sometimes that means looking at every single little detail which probably drives some people crazy,” Tim explained.

We could see both McDermott brothers win championships this season. Tim has his chance first as the Union plays Saturday against LAFC at 4.