Senior Spotlight: Dana Bacher


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Spring sport senior athletes around the country are going through the same thing right now: dealing with the fact they are missing out on their final season of play for their school. We take a look at some of those athletes in Western New York and celebrate their achievements.

Hamburg senior Dana Bacher had just started her fourth and final season playing lacrosse with the Bulldogs. A decorated player and two year captain, she and the seven fellow seniors on the team helped to put together virtual workouts to keep the team healthy and active during the quarantine. When they found out the season would be cancelled, the seniors have continued to crank out the workouts to keep the team together, even if they’re all apart.

“We all talk to each other still, we’ll text every once in a while, but the workouts, each senior makes one each week, so we’re setting an example for [the rest of the team] when they come back,” Hamburg lacrosse senior Dana Bacher said. “It’s hard that we won’t get to play with them anymore, but at the same time they can see we’re putting in the effort even though we know that our season is done. We’re still putting in the work, and it shows them that even though things might not go your way, you have to push through it and keep going.”

With a career full of wins, a Section title, and awards under her belt, Dana’s favorite memories of being a Hamburg Bulldog are the small moments that made the team feel like such a family.

“We always would have a ‘spag night.’ Once a year we would do a spaghetti dinner together, and it was fun because you didn’t have to worry about running or anything, you just could talk and be together,” Bacher said. “At practices, we’d have a purple vs. white practice. It would involve lacrosse, but it would be a little different games. Our coach would always bring freezy pops or something at the end, so we were always excited and looking forward to those.”

“It makes you a better person, just being around each other. You get the conversations, it’s really a family and you learn each other and how they act. It’s really fun,” Bacher said.

A true team player, Dana hopes to have left behind a legacy of the importance of teamwork.

“I scored my 100th goal last year, and looking back at that, most of them weren’t just by myself. They were from an assist or having someone set a pick, it wasn’t just myself who did it. I made sure it wasn’t know that it wasn’t just me who got it. I involved my teammates,” Bacher said. “A lot of time people just look at the stats, and it really is good to know that it’s not just one person doing it, it’s other people helping you achieve what you want.”

“I feel like that’s something I left behind, in that you don’t always want to focus on yourself, it is a team. There really is no I in team. I’m glad I left that part behind.”

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