Rapper Lil Wayne was locked into the 2023 women’s NCAA tournament as he acknowledged both No. 9 seed Miami and No. 3 seed LSU in their Sweet 16 victories on Friday.

The Grammy Award-winning artist FaceTimed the Hurricanes’ Cavinder sisters—Haley and Hanna—after their 70-65 upset victory over No. 4 seed Villanova. Hanna tweeted a picture of the call with her sister and the New Orleans-based rapper.

Hanna notched seven points and four rebounds while Haley recorded two points and two assists in Miami’s win. Then, in one hitting even closer to home, Lil Wayne shouted out LSU star Angel Reese as the AP All-American recorded 17 points, 12 rebounds and three blocks in the Tigers’ 66–63 victory against No. 2 seed Utah. The Tigers earned a spot in this year’s Elite Eight for the first time in 15 years.

“Angel fkn Reese!!!!!! Home team,” Wayne tweeted.

With both Miami and LSU victorious in the Greenville 2 region, the Hurricanes (22–12) and the Tigers (31–2) will now face each other in an Elite Eight matchup on Sunday. Wayne will likely be tuned in to watch two of the most exciting teams in this year’s tournament with a chance for one to earn a spot in this year’s Final Four in Dallas.