Cowboys defensive star Micah Parsons paid Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce tremendous praise during his podcast The Edge on Monday.

The 2021 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year applauded Kelce’s skills off the field for developing a romance with Taylor Swift, while also admitting to being a fan of the pop star. Parsons compared Kelce's new relationship to reaching the status of four-time NBA champion Stephen Curry.

“Yes, I am a Swiftie,” admitted Parsons. “Big hype for you, dawg. You know what it is, dawg. I mean, damn, you shot from deep and you scored! You Steph Curry, my brother, you might be the new Steph of football, that's dope.”

Kelce, who hauled in seven receptions for 69 yards and a touchdown in front of his new girlfriend, is making more headlines for his romance with Swift than his on-field contributions.

Parsons joins Patrick Mahomes in admiring Kelce's recent achievements. The Kansas City quarterback acknowledged that his tight end “ran his own route” while scoring with Swift in attendance during Week 3's 41–10 win over the Bears.

Praise and adoration for Kelce from fellow NFL stars will likely increase as his relationship with the highly popular musical talent continues.