St. Joes’ Trevor Folsom Named May Scholar Athlete


When St. Joes’ senior Trevor Folsom isn’t dominating on the face-off for the Marauders, he’s attacking his textbooks with the same intensity. 

“I like that idea of having all that pressure, the spotlight on you, all on you to perform well,” said Folsom.

The senior knows what it’s like to handle the pressure, both in the classroom and on the lacrosse field. His coaches, teammates and teachers highly respect his dedication

“They’ll see him come off and get trampled on the face-off x. We’ll score a goal, or the other team will score a goal and he’ll march right back out there even though you know he’s feeling it,” said Marauders Head Coach Peter Hudecki. 

“I wish I had 200 of him, that would be great,” said Folsom’s religion teacher Deacon William Hynes.

“He’s just a great all around guy, people look up to him already.” 

Folsom has been the starting face-off man for the last 3 season for St. Joes. He’s set to break the Marauders all time face-off win record this year.

“We saw Trevor as a freshman and recognize that he was going to be very talented in that sport, and that’s why we elevated him so early,” said Hudecki. 

Folsom plays lacrosse and hockey, along with carrying a 4.0 GPA. However, when it comes to academics versus athletics, the senior doesn’t hesitate.

“I’m not going to Canisius for solely lacrosse, said Folsom. 

“I’m there to get an education, look for my future because that’s really the only thing that matters is your future and schoolwork.”

However, when it comes to taking his athletic talents to the Griffs, his skills definitely aren’t on the back-burner. 

“You know some people go to college and they’re just trying to exist on a team, just kind of be there but when I go to college, when I go to Canisius, I’m trying to make a difference for them,” said Folsom. 

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