Stefon Diggs excited to start his first season with Bills: “This is a good situation for me”


Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs (14) catches a pass during an NFL football training camp in Orchard Park, N.Y., Monday, Aug. 31, 2020. (James P. McCoy/Buffalo News via AP, Pool)

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) – Expectations for the Bills are the highest they’ve been in decades. General manager Brandon Beane even said the other day “we’re not sneaking up on anyone” when referring to that underdog mentality players like to use.

And one of the big reasons expectations are so high is because it finally seems like they won’t be relying on just one side of the ball anymore. Usually it’s been lean on the defense to win games while the offense does barely or just enough to get by.

That can’t be the case this year especially because of all of the weapons Josh Allen has, the biggest being Stefon Diggs.

“Since I got traded I haven’t stopped thinking about playing ball, I’ve been looking forward to it, definitely carrying a big chip on my shoulder, I’ve been extremely excited. It’s been great working with my new teammates, it’s a real thing when they say we’ve got a great group of guys,” Diggs said on a zoom call with reporters.

Why a chip on his shoulder?

“I carry it every year, this year is no different I’m looking forward to it especially with a new journey, new challenge each and every year and it’s a lot. I’m eager, I’m ready,” Diggs said.

That mentality of having a chip on his shoulder is very much in line with this organization that’s still searching for consistent success and respect around the league.

“I was drafted in the fifth-round, came from not a small school but a school that people counted out then so it aligns itself I guess. You know this is a good situation for me and the guys around me play with a chip on their shoulder, a lot of guys, late round guys, not too many first round guys, a lot of guys have something to prove each and every day so I think it’s gelling well,” Diggs explained.

And while this team has taken big steps under Beane and Sean McDermott over the past three years, Beane made it clear he won’t feel like they’re “on track” until they’ve won the AFC East.

“It’s trickled down 100%, they have sayings all around as far as playoff caliber and championship effort on a daily basis. It trickles down, you know we expect to play well because we want to practice well, you want to execute at a high level, you want to do everything right. There’s being fundamentally sound and executing, that’s the number one deal so I’m not a guy that goes in with the expectation of I want this to happen or I want that to happen, you gotta make it happen,” Diggs said.

A big key to the success of the Bills this season is now only how Allen plays and taking that next step in year three, but also Diggs. Those two have to get on the same page as quickly as possible come game day and so far since they got out on the field even with training camp, it seems like they’re chemistry is really coming along.

“We’re still in the early phases, we haven’t played any ball yet so you never want to put your foot in your mouth but I contribute it to spending as much time as we have you know all the Call of Duty, all the meeting time, all the kind of hanging out and learning about one another and when it’s practice time, it’s serious out there,” Diggs said.

“We’re kind of taking one step at a time, one play at a time but one thing I can say is he got a lot of heart. He got a lot of heart and the guy wants to be great, kind of feeding off of that, kind of just being a supporting cast and one of the guys supporting him and pushing him and just doing my job and being me.”

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