FOXBOROUGH, MA (WIVB) – You can’t say enough about what Stefon Diggs has done to completely revamp this Bills passing attack that struggled for quite some time before this season.

Basically, I could just copy and paste what I said about Diggs and Josh Allen from last week or the week before because they continue to dominate game after game. That was the case once again last night against New England as Allen connected with Diggs for three touchdowns.

“They’re both on the same page and that goes back to during the week, what they do with getting on the same page with communication and the necessary communication that needs to unfold. There’s new plays every week so they’ve gotta do their part studying and getting on the same page with them as well so really impressed by the two of them and overall impressed by our offense,” Bills head coach Sean McDermott said after a 38-9 win over the Patriots on Monday night.

Along the way, Allen and Diggs broke more franchise records. Diggs broke Eric Moulds’ team record for more receiving yards in a single-season while Allen passed Jim Kelly for most passing touchdowns in a single-season for the Bills.

So it’s crazy to think Diggs still believes they have room to grow even given everything they’ve already accomplished.

“I feel like we’re somewhat scratching the surface on the potential that we have. I feel like Josh is still a young quarterback but right now he’s playing some elite ball. He’s throwing for 300 plus, he’s making good decisions, he’s not turning the ball over, he’s running you know stuff that we’ve seen from Josh this whole season,” Diggs explained.

“That last touchdown catch in the back of the end zone not many guys can make that, the way that you have to move your body and how low you have to get and the trust level to get back and for me to put that in a spot where I feel like he can get it still it was amazing to watch once it left my hand just the way that he was able to go get that ball, it’s special,” Allen said.

Diggs is arguably the best wide receiver in football right now with the way that he’s playing and he’s done it by developing chemistry with Allen in such a short amount of time. It’s impressive how they were able to come together so quickly even with the shortened preseason and the unique offseason.

“I don’t know the old Josh, I don’t know the past Josh I just know Josh right now and he’s been playing some hell of a football so as a receiver you know him being my guy as well I just want to giveit all I’ve got for him, make the plays for him and make the hard ones,” Diggs said.

“But just scratching the surface on trying to be great and trying to chase greatness daily.”