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1-on-1 with Bulls QB Tyree Jackson

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - The spotlight and the attention will be on the UB football team and quarterback Tyree Jackson as they look to improve upon their 6-6 finish in 2017.

They were bowl eligible for the first time since 2013, but were left out of the postseason.  Jackson, along with wide receiver Anthony Johnson and linebacker Khalil Hodge will look to secure a bowl berth for the first time in a decade.

Ahead of the season kicking off against Delaware State, News 4 Sports sat down with the QB to discuss managing expectations this season.

Nick Filipowski: The spotlight especially in football, no matter what, always comes back to the quarterback.  There's been a ton of preseason accolades with guys all over the team, especially with you. As one of the leaders on this team, how do you approach each game knowing the spotlight is only going to get magnified if this team continues to have success?

Tyree Jackson: "You want that though, as a team. You want people to take note, people to come in and watch you practice.  I think just take it as a blessing, being grateful for it, staying humble and continuing to work each day."

NF: There's draft buzz around you. There's been Mid-Major quarterbacks that have gone on to the next level. There's a guy now in Buffalo in Josh Allen from Wyoming -- big arm, athletic -- how much will you watch him this season to see how well he's able to do to maybe gauge your own potential success at he next level.

TJ: "Anytime a guy from a Mid-Major school can get drafted high and perform well is awesome.  So, I'm really hoping he does well. Watching him and Ben Roethlisberger and other Mid-Major quarterbacks in the NFL having success,that's great for me and I hope to follow in their foot steps some day."

NF: When you look at the history of this program, it seems when success comes there is usually a big three. It was Drew Willy, Naaman Roosevelt, James Starks and then it was Joe Licata, Alex Neutz, Bo Oliver and even Khalil Mack.  This year, it's Tyree Jackson, Anthony Johnson, Emmanuel Reed and Khalil Hodge.  What does it mean to have this core together this year?

TJ: "It's great to have talented guys on the team. But I think the big thing about our team is we have a lot of guys. The media points out a few guys, but I think the great thing about our offense and defense is we have a lot of guys that can play as far as KJ Osborn as another receiver and our offensive line hasn't been getting a lot of attention.  I'm really excited to watch them and I think people will take note of our offensive line this year."

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