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1-on-1 with UB wide receiver Anthony Johnson

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - Anthony Johnson burst onto the scene and into the national spot light after finishing his first season at the FBS level with 1,356 yards to go along with a school record 14 touchdowns with the Bulls.

Heading into his senior season, Johnson, who became the program's first preseason AP-All American earlier this month, could solidify himself as the best wide receiver in the upcoming NFL draft.

He sat down with News 4 Sports' Nick Filipowski to talk about the upcoming season and the challenges ahead.

Nick Filipowski: You are the first Preseason A-P All-American in program history and when you think of all the names that have come through here, Drew Willy, Joe Licata, Bo Oliver, Khalil Mack -- what does it mean to you, to be the first to have that honor.

Anthony Johnson: It's a great feeling.  To be recognized the way I am now, it shows everyday I give my all for those accomplishments and achievements.

NF: There is a lot of talk throughout the country from the NFL and college football that say you're one of the best if not the best wide receiver in the country.  What does that mean to you to hear that?

AJ: It's great. Like I said, I come out here every day and push myself and guys behind me push me as well. I'm going to work hard and hopefully be the best out here.

NF: 468 yards, 8 touchdowns, over the final three games last year. What was it last season where Tyree would spot you and it'd be a touchdown almost every time you touched the football?

AJ: Really just he just threw the ball to me. I was just thinking I let a few plays go in a few games, and I felt like I had to catchup. I knew I had to make some big plays for this team knowing we had to be bowl eligible also. That was on my mind a lot.

NF: Knowing that you guys were left out (of the postseason), how much of an added chip on your shoulder, knowing you were 6-and-6 and some projections have you as a 6-or-7 win team. How much is there a chip on your shoulder to show people that they're looking at this program wrong?

AJ: We have a really big chip on our shoulder. We took it as disrespect. We came out and fought hard for it. At the end of the day, it wasn't our decision. This year, we're just going to show people that counted us out, how much disrespect we took it.

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