UB opens fall camp with focus on tempo, competition


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Day one of the Mo Linguist came and went on Wednesday afternoon, as UB kicked off the 2021 edition of fall camp. Players didn’t speak much about the differences between their new head coach and former coach Lance Leipold, but they did say that there was a lot of tempo at practice on the first day.

“Getting after it, fast paced, tempo and being coachable,” running back Kevin Marks said. “Learning from our mistakes during the practice and after the practice and getting better after.”

Quarterback Kyle Vantrease said he played in a fast-paced offense in high school so the up-tempo practices are nothing new to him.

“I think that this is a challenge for us and it’s a challenge that’s needed and it’s going to make us better,” Vantrease said.

The senior quarterback also noted one big difference in practices this year, saying the team is focused on the little things.

“Everything is being watched,” Vantrease. “From your last step off the field to your first step on the field to how you pick up a ball to how you hold up a ball to how you communicate and echo the call. It’s all in the little details and that is such a point of emphasis this year.”

Mo Linguist takes over as the new head coach, and because of COVID-19 restrictions and the late start he got when he took the job, he’s still learning about his team as camp begins.

“It’s a big evaluation week for us just because today was truly the first day we’ve ever seen a guy handle the football, Kyle [Vantrease] getting in and out of the huddle, Kevin [Marks] running with the ball and all those kind of things and defense pursue so we’re in a big evaluation mode right now…” Linguist said.

Competition is the name of the game for these next few weeks. Quarterback Kyle Vantrease returns as the starter, but even he knows his job is up for grabs.

“You got to go and earn it every day,” Vantrease said. “We have a little motto, it’s you haven’t done anything. It’s different words but you haven’t done anything until you’ve actually done it so you get to prove that you can do it every day and get one percent better every day.”

“We put a ton of emphasis on the ball, we put a ton of emphasis on competition and then we try to present some pressure situation and give opportunities for guys to respond,” Linguist said.

The Bulls don’t have a lot of time to get ready for their first game. They’re just 23 days away from their home opener against Wagner on September 2.

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