UB soccer players thriving on FC Buffalo Women


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — In just the club’s first year in existence, the FC Buffalo women are East Conference champions and are just hours away from playing in their first ever playoff game.

“We are so excited for the playoffs. Especially being able to host it here in Buffalo, being able to play in front of our hometown fans, it’s going to be really special for us,” FC Buffalo forward Carissima Cutrona said. “We’re definitely looking forward to it, and we hope that everyone else is too.”

With many collegiate soccer players from around Western New York on the team, five players from the UB women’s soccer team play for FC Buffalo this summer.

“It’s so fun continuing to play with my UB teammates throughout the summer, even if it’s not a ton of us, it’s still five of us. It’s really cool to keep that chemistry building throughout the summer and create these memories and experiences throughout the summer months,” FC Buffalo forward Marcy Barberic said. “Then going into the fall, it just allows us to have a good competitive attitude going into our own season.”

Even though they play together on the pitch for the Bulls, during the two months that they have played for FC Buffalo, the UB players say that their game has continued to grow by working with a different group of women.

“It’s so fun. It’s weird and interesting that they’re the same players that UB, you can have a different connection with the same people, so it’s been really interesting everyone meshing and it’s just been really good and exciting,” FC Buffalo midfielder Katherine Camper said.

“It’s been really nice, and also having Carissima, former UB, it’s been really nice to keep those connections together and keep it going strong into our season, so it’s been really nice,” FC Buffalo defender Tess Ford said.

UB women’s soccer preseason starts back up on August 2nd, the current Bulls players are feeling more prepared than ever to start the season.

“We’ve been playing with FC Buffalo for the past two months, and it’s just been really easy to stay ready with these practices twice a week with games on the weekend, sometimes two games each weekend, I think it’s really prepared us for this preseason and this upcoming fall season too,” Barberic said.

“It’s hard to stay playing with a team during the summer, especially if there’s no big teams like this going on, so I think this has helped and kept me in the game mode,” Ford said. “It’s been nice.”

“I have done a summer before without anything like this, and it is a lot more difficult training on your own,” Camper said. “This club has provided a really high standard of soccer and that’s not something you can get at a lot of other places, so I’m really grateful for the opportunity.”

“I think it’s always good when you’re in college during the summer to keep playing, keep competing at a high level so that it translates to your fall season,” Cutrona said. “I’ve seen that with all the college girls on our team and they haven’t missed a beat. I think this team has only helped hone their skills so they’re going to be ready going back to their college seasons.”

FC Buffalo hosts Lancaster Inferno at Buff State’s Coyer Field tonight at 7:30 pm. If they win, FC Buffalo will advance to Sunday’s game to play the winner of Syracuse and Connecticut.

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