BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Last Tuesday, a dream came true for St. Bonaventure lacrosse goalie Brett Dobson.

“I was balling my eyes out after I got picked,” he said. “I was so happy.

Dobson became the first player ever from St. Bonaventure drafted into professional lacrosse when he was selected by the Archers of the Premiere Lacrosse League.

“For me that meant a lot to me,” Dobson said. “It was pretty surreal just because it’s something you dream of and I knew that for myself and kind of taking that leap of faith and foregoing my fifth year to try and accomplish a dream that I set out for myself about wanting to be a professional athlete and to finally be able to accomplish it, man there’s nothing better to it.”

Brett always felt overlooked in his lacrosse career. People told him he wouldn’t make it in division one lacrosse, and now not only is he one of the best college players in the country, he was the first goalie taken off the board in this year’s draft.

“I’ve been written off in high school,” Dobson. “I only had one offer to come here to St. Bonaventure. A coach that had a longtime career in the P-L-L and professional field lacrosse told me that he didn’t think I was going to be good enough to play at the division one level and here I am being the first goalie taken off the board.”

He makes history for the young Bonaventure program. Their lacrosse team started just four years ago, and Dobson carries what he learned at Bona to the next level.

“[Playing for St. Bonaventure has] allowed me to grow as a goalie and not a lot of goalies get the chance to play four years of college lacrosse,” Dobson said. “They might get one, they might get two, hey maybe they get four, but for me I just think that it just allowed me to be confident in myself to understand the systems and kind of keep going through there and just grow as a player because of the success and the trial and error that we had as a team.”

So now he begins the next phase of his Lacrosse career, and he hopes to show others what hard work can do to help prove the doubters wrong.

“Being St. Bonaventure’s first player to be drafted to the PLL is something that I’ve always wanted to do,” Dobson said. “It’s something that I kind of wanted to build my legacy off of and kind of be the guy that takes this program to higher levels and if I get my foot in the door now, I’m not going to be the last St. Bonaventure lacrosse player that’s going to be drafted to the PLL and hopefully not the last one that’s going to get drafted to the [National Lacrosse League] either.”

It was part of a big week for Dobson. He was drafted last Tuesday, graduated last weekend, and earned a spot on the All-America team this past Monday.