Bulls Defense Gears Up For Charlotte’s Rushing Attack

UB Bulls

After a day off under the sun, the UB football team took the practice field for the first time in the Bahamas. Now, it’s no secret this Buffalo offense loves to run the ball, especially with the weapons they have in Jaret Patterson and Kevin Marks. But on the other side of things for Charlotte, along with a mobile quarterback in Chris Reynolds, they have running back Benny LeMay, who averages over 100 yards on the ground per game.

“You know, we’ve been practicing for like two weeks now, just trying to stop their quarterback and their running back” said Bulls linebacker James Patterson. “They’re two good players and they have a receiver, number nine, we have to stop those guys right there. The majority of their rush yards come from that quarterback counter. We have to be ready for that, and just be able to play a good running back and stop him. We try to compare him to our guy, Jaret Patterson. We’ve been practicing versus him every day so we’re ready.”

“We’re the number one run stopping defense in our conference,” added Bulls defensive end Malcom Koonce. “We’re just gonna do what we do, do what we have always done.”

“We spend a lot of time on making sure we understand the schemes they’re going to run, and how the defense needs to fit up to those schemes,” added Bulls defensive coordinator Brian Borland. “We try to be in the right places. Obviously we’ve got to tackle them when we get a chance. If we can do those things, I feel pretty good about how it’s going to go.”

Even with the high temperatures on the morning, the Bulls didn’t seem to mind to much, as they were dancing to the island music that was playing during practice.

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