KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WIVB) – When the Bills signed Von Miller to a six-year, $120 million dollar contract, it was to help them get over the hump and beat the team that’s been standing in their way the past few years and that’s the Kansas City Chiefs.

Miller was brought in to do what the Bills had trouble doing in previous games and that’s get Patrick Mahomes down and create pressure on a consistent basis. Mahomes carved up the Bills defense under pressure in that epic divisional game last season and Miller was the piece Buffalo hoped would put the them over the edge in terms of a game-wrecking pass rusher against Kansas City’s dynamic quarterback.

“Yeah I mean you could feel him whether or not he was actually sacking Mahomes he was affecting him and then he did get him a couple times so just you could feel him out there the entire game so he was phenomenal,” Sean McDermott said after the game.

And that was on full display in the Bills 24-20 win in week six against the Chiefs.

The Bills signed Miller for this exact reason, to deal with Mahomes and he was the absolute difference maker in this game. Miller sacked Mahomes twice and ended with four tackles, two for loss and was constantly bringing pressure. On the game-clinching interception by Taron Johnson, Miller forced Mahomes out of the pocket and scrambling on the run, he rushed and threw the pick.

“Every team that I’ve been on that’s why I had been there. Since I got drafted by the Denver Broncos number two pick in 2011 that’s why they brought me to go to the Denver Broncos, that’s why they traded for me with the Rams last year, that’s why I’m here. That’s in the job description,” Von Miller said in his post game press conference.

“It just feels so good to come here with this great group of guys and work so hard, put in all the sweat, all the long days in training camp, to get here and come out on top is good.”

While Miller did what the Bills hoped he’d do against Mahomes, now they turn their attention to a bye week and then hosting a struggling Packers team after that. We know how much the Bills thrive in the underdog role, but after this game they won’t be that moving forward just like they weren’t coming into Arrowhead. Even though they’ve been one of the best teams in the NFL for a few years, now they’re the undisputed best team in the AFC and arguably (but in my opinion) the best team in the entire league.

But I think Miller summed it up best after the game when it comes to this rivalry with the Chiefs:

“We’ll see those guys again.”

Buckle up. It’s always must-see TV when these two teams play each other.

The playoffs can’t get here soon enough.