BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – For Buffalo sports fans, Howard Simon has been a familiar voice on their morning commute for the past 18 years since teaming up with Jeremy White for the Howard and Jeremy show on WGR 550. But Howard has been a fixture in the Buffalo sports radio world for much longer than that and now after more than three decades, he’s calling it a career.

“It’s mixed emotions for sure. I do get a little choked up every now and then but I try not to think too much about the final day,” Howard told News 4 Sports.

He’ll sign off for the last time this Friday, March 3rd but he’ll be the first to tell you he’s not a big deal.

Just because you show up and do a talk show for 30 years doesn’t mean you’re a legend in the community. I just happen to…I don’t have any skills, I couldn’t find any other work for 30 years,” Howard laughed.

But his listeners disagree with the whole not being a legend thing. He’s made an impact on this community for years, just look at the overwhelming response to his retirement announcement.

“They’ve talked about how much the show has meant like we are Buffalo sports for them because we’ve been doing this for 18 years together so it did and I do get emotional like that’s the stuff that makes me tear up,” Howard said.

And not only is Howard reflecting on his career, so is his co-host.

“Day one was just kind of like here we go let’s get started. I was just some 25 year old kid and he was like a legend and kind of a pillar already at that point so 18 years later he’s only added to what’s been a great career for him,” Jeremy White said.

It’s hard to sum up the most memorable moments and people Howard’s gotten a chance to encounter during his career but there are a few that first came to mind.

“The first two things kneejerk that came into my head as you asked the question was the drought ending that whole week the night being on the air the next day the whole week of shows with the drought being over,” Howard said.

“But also when the Pegula’s bought the Bills. When the sale was announced and we knew the Bills were staying we got tons of phone calls, people were calling up in tears like they were crying. I’ll get choked up thinking about it calling up about how much the franchise means and I can turn to my small daughter or son and say the Bills aren’t going anywhere this is your team and they’re gonna be here forever and I just thought that was incredibly memorable to be a part of.”

Then there are the more lighthearted moments.

“My favorite memories though are the times where he does get really ramped up and bangs the table and his face gets really really beat red. Sometimes you know a rant about Trent Edwards or who knows what it would have been because everybody else hears those rants and they love those moments but I get to see them,” Jeremy laughed.

Most of all Howard said he’ll miss the people not just those who worked on the Howard and Jeremy show but everyone at WGR and in the building in general among other Audacy stations in town.

And even though the show he most wanted to do, a Bills Super Bowl or Sabres Stanley Cup, never happened, there were plenty of other happy times he got to see.

“I covered 4 straight berths in the Super Bowl for the Bills, the Sabres went to a Stanley Cup final, all four of the big four schools went to NCAA tournaments, the Bandits won titles, the Bisons won a title or two you know there have been some amazing moments in the last 30 plus years that I’ve been here some great athletes, I’ve had a chance to cover hall of famers in these sports so man I know there’s no title but there have been far more good days than bad days no question about it.”

Howard did say if the Bills or Sabres win a championship he’ll be sure to call in. Until then he’ll be celebrating or raging over the New York Mets.

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Heather Prusak is a sports reporter who joined the News 4 team in 2020. See more of her work here.