BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The draft is over, now what?

The Bills selected 7 players and added another handful of undrafted free agents. 

The rookies know what team they’ll be playing for but there are still more questions than answers.

“I think the unknown of when we can truly get them to Buffalo and do more than virtual meetings will be key for them, and all 32 teams,” Bills GM Brandon Beane

Typically, all of those rookies would be in Buffalo by now, checking out the facilities for the first time, getting ready for rookie mini-camp, and even finding a place to live but team facilities around the league remain closed.

“I mean we can’t do a lot with the rookies right now, they’ll be able to come in our rookie camp when they would normally physically come in. I think it is like May 8 or 9 or something like that. So, we can’t do much,” Beane said.

The rookies who were drafted virtually will begin their NFL journey online.

“We’ll get them their iPads for their playbooks and paperwork finalized with their agents remotely,” said Beane.

Rookies always enter the league with a learning curve but this will be more of a learning cliff. First year players fighting for a roster spots and playing time are facing a big disadvantage.

“You’re trying to set them up for success when they get to training camp and if there is no offseason and let’s just say, August is when they can come in, it is going to be harder for some of these guys, especially undrafted free agents, because there’s only so many reps and they’re going to miss a lot of these spring reps that they would normally get,” Beane said.