INDIANAPOLIS, IN. (WIVB) — Could free agency or the draft dictate where Cody Ford plays next season?

“Yeah, absolutely,” Sean McDermott answered without hesitation.

The Bills head coach is in Indianapolis this week for the NFL Scouting Combine.

Ford, a 2nd round pick in 2019, played guard and tackle during his rookie season.

“Cody‘s position flexibility was very apparent in year one,” McDermott said.

His ability to play both spots is valuable but it’s also a statement on Ford’s inability to lockdown the starting job at right tackle.

“He had some really good moments and he had some moments he’ll learn from,” General Manger Brandon Beane told reporters on Tuesday.

Beane consistently preaches drafting value and not need.

Do the Bills have bigger needs than offensive line? Yes.

Would the Bills hesitate to draft a tackle in the first round? No, not if the price is right.

“We’ll see how things fall into place during this process in both free agency and the draft and we’ll go from there,” McDermott said.  

Neither McDermott nor Beane are committing to where Ford will find himself next season on the offensive line.

“A lot of our guys can play center/guard or guard/tackle, Beane said. “You want as few one hole guys as you can get. We will determine where his best spot is at some point this spring but I’m looking forward to year two and what it brings for him.”