We’ve all seen it happen. Your roofer promises to fix that hole that’s letting in all the rain, then never shows up after you paid them. Your landlord says he’ll fix the furnace, but instead, you’re left to freeze all winter. That pothole on the street has wrecked so many of your neighbors’ tires, but no one’s coming to pave it.

It’s time for action. And someone like you could lend a helping hand.

Call 4 Action is looking for volunteers willing to stand up for their neighbors. If you’ve got a few hours per week to take calls and be a listening ear for those who need it, we could use your help. You’ll be making a difference for those with no one else to turn to, and the reward is a better community.

So, if you want to help bring change to your neighborhood and help the people in it, fill out the form below:

Call 4 Action

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