BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Sometimes, we see the Christmas decorations fill store shelves before Halloween has even happened. For some people, it’s time to break out the eggnog and put up the tree without even letting a day pass following the spookiest of holidays.

No judgment. To each their own, and this past week, we learned what nearly 600 News 4 viewers think about the Christmas season, whether or not it comes too soon after Halloween.

The results were pretty overwhelming in one direction, and it seems most people are looking to carve the turkey before welcoming Santa Claus down the chimney. By that, we mean nearly three-quarters of those who voted said the Christmas season should start after Thanksgiving.

But, there were a little over one-fifth who said it doesn’t come too soon after Halloween. What about our Wake Up team? Hear what they think in the video above, and see the results of the most recent #Just4Fun Twitter poll below:

Some radio stations have already made the switch over to holiday tunes. So this week, we’re asking our Twitter followers if it’s too early for Christmas music. Let us know what you think by voting in our poll at this link.

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