What to do when your child hates school

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COLUMBUS, (WCMH) – The last thing any parent wants to hear is their child say is, “I hate school.”

But reality is not every student will have an easy experience as he or she heads back to class.

Psychologist Dr. David Lowenstein said it is typical for all students to be nervous as they adjust to the start of a new school year especially when making a big transition such as starting kindergarten or high school.

“If it’s just a bad day, it’s just a bad day. We all have bad days. If Johnny and Sally come home and say I hate school find out a little bit more about what they hate about school,” explained Lowenstein.

Lowenstein stresses that parents need to talk to their child right away if they sense something is wrong and that it’s more than a case of nerves.

He said parents should consult with the child’s teacher to try and learn more about what might be troubling the student.

“The biggest thing is if they’re having trouble, passing it off as if oh you’ll get over it… Sometimes that may happen but let’s get a plan now when it’s starting so it doesn’t get to the point where we’re struggling every morning.”

Often times the problem is perhaps trouble with friends, a bully or academics.

“it’s also important to maybe give them some helpful ideas and hints about what they can do to be able to handle some of the difficulties. Maybe it’s talking to them about getting a tutor or talking to the teacher about tutors,” said Lowenstein.

Lowenstein said that getting your child involved in a new club or extracurricular activity could help your child.

He reminds all parents that even though your child’s problems or concerns may seem small to you they are very real and big to them.

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